Broadcasting Right of Football Match in China

Broadcasting Right of Football Match in China

Accelerating the development of sports industry to promote sports consumption by state council says:Establishing resource trading platform in the sports industry, promote the right to host and broadcast the event. Establish sports broadcasting income division to promote the common development according to market principles. Relaxed event broadcasting rights restrictions in various domestic and international sports events except the Olympic Games, Asian Games and the World Cup, the television station can purchase or transfer directly. This legal termwas issued on 20 Oct 2014,

One of the main incomes of Europe League clubs is broadcasting right; while it is almost non-existent in Chinese football industry, some clubs even need to pay if they want to be broadcasted. When Cloud Media which holds the TV broadcasting right of CSL (China Football Association Super League) currently operates live broadcasting in Gansu TV station, it still needs to pay over tens of billions RMB to TV station.

The chairman of Cloud Media LI Lu thinks, compared to fixed TV broadcasting rights, under the positive stimulation of political policy, there will be more capital flow into the broadcasting right of CSL in new media. “Now the new media copyright of CSL is tens of billions RMB, the income from new media is more than from TV because of market competition. Under the positive stimulus of policy, capital will flow in; the chance that new media copyright income increased greatly will be a big probability in the next year, and the year after next year.”At present, the annual copyright income of CSL is about 50 million RMB, mainly contributed by the new media. Some important matches of CSL this year, the Click through rate is even more than the NBA Finals

It is reported that CCTV has bought out 2010 and 2014 World Cup broadcasting rights in China for 0.1 trillion USD. Then CCTV distributes the broadcasting rights to other video websites. Only last World Cup, CCTV has taken about 1 trillion RMB as revenue (income). According to the relevant institutions, it is predicted that CCTV gained the relevant income more than 1.5 trillion RMB.

Broadcasting rights of Premiership league owned by The contract will last to 2019 by with 1 trillion RMB. However, most of Chinese audiences don’t want to pay for watching, the broadcasting rights can only be sold to TV stations and websites. Obviously the resold price of broadcasting rights is much higher than any previous seasons.Both and paid tens of billions USD to get the broadcasting rights.

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