Children’s Clothing Market

In 2015,  16.5 millions of babies were born in China and there are now 170 millions of babies aged 6 years old born on the territory. To this extend babies’ spends and consumption increase in the same time. The fashion market for children seems to be an opportunity for the textile industry, in fact, clothing for babies represent 91%  of the general spends. The children’s wear market is one of the fastest-growing markets. Actually, it is partly due to the reform of the one-child policy which provides a new structure of the society. Child-related consumption in 10 big cities represented 33% of the daily expenditure for the families in 2014.

Furthermore, for the most of the parents seeing before buying their child clothes seems to be the prerequisite condition for them. For several years, the online shopping tends to be popular for the younger parents who prefer buying their children clothing on the net, it for sure the market which can provide opportunities.

素材辞典 Vol.39 〈人物・こども編〉

Styles of clothing

Parents prefer to buy foreign brands such as Zara,  Hello Kitty, Jeep, Adidas etc and most of them spend around 200 yuan per transactions. Parents are now more exigent concerning the clothing, especially on the material characteristics and pay more attention to choosing the rare pearl for their child. What are they main exigencies ?

  •         Design safety

The comfort and the safety of the clothes are the most important and this is  what parents are looking at first. This is particularly true for the 3-4 years old who start to dress.

  •         Material attentions

For few decades, people are more aware of the organic products, or harmful consumption etc to that end their pay a particular attention to the materials contains their products.

The cotton clothes reach the top of the most preferred ones.

  •          Brands

The brand is also an exigency for the parents who heed more on the quality of the clothes and are mot confident with foreign brands, judged as better than the domestic’s ones.

Everything counts from the decoration of the bedroom to the shoes.



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