Chinese people in Australia : what seduces them ?

Chinese tourism industry represents each year millions of dollars due to the emergence

of a new upper middle class which do not have restrictions and can travel where and whenever it wants to.  Chinese people still crossing the world from Tokyo to Paris through New-York, Australia is their favorite one. Regarding the number of Chinese tourists, the country converges their tourism politics in this direction in order to offer more attractions, quality services.

Chinese tourist in Australia.jpg

Why Australia ?

With its famous kangaroos and its breathtaking landscapes, no one dares to argue that Australia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

With amazing natural places,  wildlife, and food, Australia has always seduced tourists especially Chinese leisure travelers which pay particular attention to the world-class beauty, the safety, the cuisine, the value of money and for sure the shopping. Chinese people prefer the amazing places where they can see beautiful landscapes from their hotel like behind a transparent curtain, dining, shopping, visiting beaches, museums, and galleries. We can emphasize the proximity of the both countries make feel them easier to go there than in European countries.

How can Australia take benefits on Chinese tourism ?

Actually, Australia can see its economy growth simply because millions of dollars are spending in its territory each year. It enables creating more jobs, businesses in this sector especially and in others in general which means that the feedbacks would be global.  Furthermore, it is important to highlight that started from now all the infrastructures have to be adapted to the unstoppable number of Chinese visitors.  Hotels offer now Chinese cuisine and kits with specifics languages for instance.

Moreover, Australian government pays attention to the opportunities providing by this market  and try to list what are Chinese tourists’ expectations in order to focus their policies on this sector.

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