In every country, there are holidays that people look forward to. These holidays celebrate national and international festivals. Holidays depends on and vary in function of the country and the number too. We will see more details in this article about the main difference between the public holidays in France and China.

Firstly in China , be aware that most holidays are caught Sunday. Many foreign companies in China have to adapt and therefore have the same holidays, it is also the case for foreign students studying for an internship in Asia. Chinese celebrations are much based on ancestral deities and beliefs, the most famous festival in the world is Chinese New Year , which is celebrated by Chinese around the world. During the year, the Chinese celebrate seven major events:

  • New Year : 1st Friday to Sunday, January 3
  • Chunjie ( Chinese New Year ) : Sunday, 7 to Saturday, February 13
  • Qingming Festival ( All Souls’ Day ) : from Saturday 2 to Monday, April 4
  • Labour Day : Saturday, April 30 to Monday, May 2
  • Duanwujie ( Dragon Boat Festival ) from Thursday 9 to Saturday, June 11
  • Zhongqiujie ( Moon Festival ) : from Thursday 15 to Saturday, September 17
  • Guoqingjie ( National Day ) : from Saturday 1st to Friday, October 7

In France, there  are 11 holidays in number , but in reality, only the May 1 to Labor Day is a mandatory holiday for all employees except in certain sectors such as hospitals or public transports. Also, we should highlight that  2016 is not the best year for holidays since 3 public holidays were on a Sunday , but it is true that in general French people often extend their days off just for one or two days.

  • New Year’s Day : January 1st, 2016
  • Easter Monday : March 28th
  • Labour Day : May 1st
  • May 8, 1945 : May 8th, 2016
  • Ascension Thursday : May 5th
  • Lundi de Pentecôte :May 16th
  • National Day : July 14th
  • Assumption : August 15th
  • La Toussaint: November 1st
  • Armistice : November 11th
  • Christmas : December 25th

We can also precise that French people have more holidays than Chinese people, but public holidays in French generally last a day while in China it is sometimes a week as for the Chinese New Year . Expatriates must adapt depending where they live . Local customs in both countries are different, but we note that each of the two countries celebrated on May the 1st , the new year, and their respective national holidays. Who does not like to be quietly in his bathrobe to relax at home on holidays ?

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