More and more young Chinese students perform internships in French companies. This phenomenon causes controversy worldwide as some Chinese are accused of spying and across some businessman is thrilled to welcome Chinese students.

A small number of testimonies were noted: “This student was very friendly and hardworking. He remained a long time in the office after his work time. Since that, he has started in Beijing his own business, with the same machines and the same service as we do. He copied everything, including the instruction manual and our manual of use. “/”Production machines of the hexagonal firm, they were copied piece by piece by a Chinese counterfeiter. It flows from these replicas in peace “/”On a thousand students actually doing their internships, there is always one who starts with the company’s customer file where he was working in. ”

A state spy network does not necessarily sponsor the strategic information theft. They are often ambitious young professionals willing to offer the information collected anywhere else for their future employer. 5 years ago, suspicions arose on a network of Chinese students whose nerve center was at the University of Leuven . This would have helped the Chinese employees trainees in Western European companies to smuggle sensitive information that they have collated. You should know that except young people from very wealthy families, most Chinese students going studying abroad receive a scholarship. Malicious actors can potentially put pressure on them because of this.

Despite these accusations, many Western entrepreneurs do not hesitate to hire either for an internship or an employment contract Chinese, because, for them, the risk of theft is greatly an overestimated phenomenon. The phenomenon of globalization encourages knowledge to circulate. And brains too. Companies have reason to welcome students and trainees from developing countries. The future of their markets depends probably on the relations they may establish with local partners in China for future commercial development.

Western companies also employ many Chinese trainees in their own countries directly in China. This example is the case of many French companies  doing e -commerce in China. Western consulting agencies also regularly look for Chinese trainees because they have the knowledge and a different vision of the market.

The opinion on the Chinese trainees is contrasted worldwide. Make your own opinion !

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