China decoration: the Chinese tastes are extraordinary

The market of decoration in China has known significant its past five years growth.If you are looking for ideas for decorating, you can follow these tips.

How is the market of decoration in China?

Segments key to industry is the decoration of households and public buildings, custom shower curtains and wall decorations custom generate a small proportion of revenue. The market of decoration in China must know a rapid increase in the next five years. The market of the decoration of public buildings which refers to the completion and decoration is a very important segment of the industry. The segment concerning the decoration of household including all activities related to the interior design of private individuals have the largest market share with remarkable rise in revenues during its last years. For Chinese consumers, the decoration is important but the concept in this country is not like other countries. The Chinese calls to professionals for the decoration of their apartments for the consumer putting hand in paw is a degrading option that relegates it to the rank of artisans or farmers which is the thing that caused the closure of several stores that are also come to sell their concept to population in full economic bomb and which had also sales rising on the real estate market the worst in all this is that for its brands they are all calculated apart from the tastes of Chinese consumers and their habits, in our day, the decoration societes de remain very popular as well as a few multinationals that they have adapted to the Chinese market.

Shower decoration in China

The decor of your bathroom for your well-being is important, the bathroom is team of furniture, mirrors, curtain, shower curtain custom for example. To always want to go in your bathroom, you can have one or more custom shower curtains. The modern bathroom is adorned with new materials: pebbles on the ground, colorful tiles, exotic and other wooden parquet. The trend of today are the traditional sinks for your bathroom decoration which gives way to design, the tub basins is exposed.
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